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Center for Architectural Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.pdf. Introductory Algebra with Applications - Brooks


Community Organizing And Development (4th Edition).epub



Unmet Unresolved Needs - A Guide for Community Planning and Evaluation.epub. Architecture - Alexander Tzonis, Director of the Chester G. Harris Center for Architectural Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.pdf. Introductory Algebra with Applications - Brooks Hughes.epub. University (in the New Republic).pdf. Designing Cities, 2nd Edition, by William H. Whyte.pdf. Cold War.pdf.Residents take to the streets to protest a proposed highway project By Jessica Tran NEW YORK (Reuters) - Protesters in New York demonstrated on Saturday over the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project, which calls for laying 55 miles of pipelines to bring natural gas from Pennsylvania to New York and New Jersey. The demonstration, which began at noon outside the New York offices of Piedmont Natural Gas, one of the companies behind the project, was organized by national environmental groups and local organizations, including several representing Native Americans. The pipeline would run through 10 counties and cut through the Appalachian National Forest. The groups are concerned about environmental impacts on the pipeline and its surrounding areas, including disturbances to land and cultural artifacts. "I was a senior citizen on the lands where the pipeline is going to be laid and I did not know until I called my lawyer that it was going to be here," said Brian Crowder of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, who participated in the rally. "There are Native American artifacts in the area and we want to ensure that there is some level of safety for our elders and for our people," he said. The New York Observer newspaper reported on Friday that an archaeological survey found the remains of Native American burial sites, especially around Pennsylvania state lines, in the surrounding areas. The pipeline's sponsors, including Piedmont Natural Gas and Duke Energy, said in a statement the project would be safe and that they were committed to incorporating the concerns of local communities. "As we move forward, we will continue to work closely with all stakeholders and organizations to ensure their needs are met," the statement said. The pipeline will transport gas from the Marcellus shale formation of Pennsylvania to markets in New York and New Jersey, along with gas from other parts of the United States. Protestors carried signs that read: "Pipeline killer," "No more fossil fuel and pipeline abuse" and "Cuts the climate for all." Some demonstrators also chanted


Community Organizing And Development (4th Edition).epub

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